Members of the Wedding Car Association of Victoria (Inc.) are committed to the following ethical guidelines:


  • To provide excellence in service, presentation and reliability
  •  To offer only properly licensed vehicles
  • To ensure chauffeurs are properly certified for vehicle classification
  • To have working knowledge of other members vehicle’s such that appropriate referrals may be made in the public interest
  • To provide the actual vehicles booked
  • To honour rates agreed at the time of booking
  • To fairly consider refund of deposits if booking cancelled



  • To assist other members to fulfil obligations in respect of services to the public
  • When assisting another member to cover a booking to credit that member when dealing with the client
  • To honour agreements
  • Not to publicly criticise other members’ services



  • To respect other members’ views such that the friendly, co-operative and constructive relationships are encouraged between Association members
  • To actively promote the benefits of membership of the association to other colleagues in the industry
  • To refer appropriate booking opportunities first to Association members
  • To use the Association accreditation when placing advertisements
  • When representing the Association to fairly represent the majority view of its members.
  • To consider carefully the maintenance of harmony within the Association before objecting to other members’ applications for further licences
  • To be prepared to support endorsed WCA promotions
  • When representing the Association at an endorsed promotion to recognise the unified nature of the promotion rather than individual businesses.
  • Not to engage in practices which may bring the Association into disrepute or undermine its position within the industry.