A Hummer is a guaranteed head turner. They have all the glamour and prestige of a vintage car, coupled with intense sleek modernity. Hummer wedding cars Melbourne are the very embodiment of coolness.  

Your special day requires a special car. Hummer wedding cars in Melbourne dominate the road and scream for attention. They are ideal for the couple who wants to bask in the warmth of the amazement of others, and those who want to feel the power and elegance of the coolest car you can find.
Hummer Wedding Cars Melbourne

Hummers particularly make the best wedding cars for the couple who are looking to forego traditional wedding styles and desire more contemporary glamour and fun. You’ll be able to continue your celebrations in style while an experienced chauffeur drives you between your destinations.

A modern wedding needs a car that will compliment a modern look, so a more traditional wedding car, like the ever-popular Rolls Royce or Jaguar range would spoil that image. However, everything about a Hummer is modern – even its first marketing date: 1992! It’s younger than most couples getting married this year!


Hummer Wedding Car Hire Melbourne

You’ll feel like a star in a Hummer – and that’s no exaggeration. The Internet Movie Cars Database has over 1000 examples of Hummers on film! And not only limited to the world of film, many real-life celebrities own and prefer a Hummer as their go-to car. Tough but lovable action hero and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, fashion connoisseur Paris Hilton, the slick and ever-popular Justin Timberlake and, perhaps the most famous sportsman of all time, David Beckham are just a few examples of celebrities who love their Hummers.

You’ll feel yourself join the ranks of A-list celebrities by hiring Hummer Wedding Cars in Melbourne as you bring your wedding to a whole new level of class and sophistication.

Hummers are also equipped with numerous classy furnishings to make your special day even more relaxing and exciting. Glorious leather seats, spacious layouts – with some models being able to accommodate up to 17 people – state-of-the-art surround sound systems and professional lighting are just some of the extra features Hummer Wedding Cars in Melbourne can offer.


Hummer Wedding Cars are available in Melbourne for hire today. If you are planning a wedding with modern overtones or touches, or just want to feel like a star on one of the biggest days in your life, the modern and cool Hummer will make it the perfect wedding car for you!  

You’ll find some of the top Hummer wedding car hire companies in Melbourne on the Victorian Wedding Car Association website.  Check out our database of professional wedding car hire businesses today to find your perfect Hummer match!


Hummer Wedding Car Hire