Australian Wedding Cars – The Classic Choice

Bring the home-grown spirit to your special day with classic Australian Wedding Cars.

When choosing the all-important details for your wedding, look no further than our own offerings and book Australian wedding cars for your transportation.

One of the most wonderful things about choosing classic Australian wedding cars for your bridal vehicles is their ability to inspire warm feelings of nostalgia. Many brides and grooms, as well as their guests, have fond memories of family road trips and summers with awesome Aussie cars perched in driveways.

So, what can you expect to find when you begin the search for your own iconic wedding transport? Most likely, there will be a leaning toward either Holdens or Fords, honouring a spirited and decades-old rivalry.

Australian Wedding Cars
Australian Wedding Cars
Team Holden

One of our favourite picks is the EH Holden, available as a limousine as well as a sedan, bringing together the classic and perfect Aussie charm.

For something sleek and modern, look no further than Holden Special Vehicles. The various HSV models – such as the Caprice, Clubsport and Senator – are exciting and striking.

Holden is also known for luxurious limos. Choose a Statesman stretch limousine for a high-impact arrival.

Australian Wedding Cars
Team Ford

If you are looking for the best in timeless Ford design, we recommend a Ford Falcon XY GT limousine – or a fleet of them – to get you and your entourage to the wedding in style.

Alternatively, a Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxy sedan is guaranteed to rouse a “Wow” from onlookers.


With a great variety of sizes and styles to choose from, there is a classic Australian wedding car out there, waiting to become a prized feature on your wedding day.

Check out the Wedding Car Association of Victoria’s online directory to get in touch with one of our experienced members.

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