Are you planning to get married this year?  Here are our top wedding car hire tips for 2019!

For all weddings, the best advice that can be passed on is how to enjoy your day – amongst all the planning and coordination leading up to the day itself. Some suggest tips and tricks on bridal party planning, wedding cake flavour fusions that worked well, a run sheet for the day itself, all the way through to wedding car hire tips for 2019.
Wedding Car Hire Tips for 2019

Weddings are a moment to celebrate your life, your partner and the choice to commit to each other for a lifetime ahead. Your day is tailored to you, whether that be spending it in a chapel, having a backyard celebration or making your love official in a special destination – it’s a day that is uniquely yours. These wedding car hire tips for 2019 will help you get your day off to the right start.

It’s the small things on your special day that can sneak up on you and leave you in a moment of stress or panic – planning ahead will make sure that you can be present and in the moment on the day, enjoying every second celebrating with family and friends.

For many, leaving wedding transport plans to the last minute is a common trend – it seems the be the last thing on a bride and grooms mind, ‘how are we both getting to-and-from the ceremony?’

By following these simple wedding car hire tips for 2019, you’ll be ensured a seamless day of celebrating and enjoyment – without a single worry on the day.

  1. Confirm wedding party numbers early – many couples are wrapped up in the excitement of the day itself and forget to factor in if there will be enough room in their vehicle of choice for the entire wedding party. Plan ahead to decide will you be wanting the entire wedding party with you on the drive there? And if so, will this same driver be chauffeuring them back from the ceremony also?
  2. Meet your driver to confirm the schedule for the day – many people leave this step open to interpretation, but to ensure you have a truly stress-free day, be sure to meet with your driver before the day to confirm times for pick up and drop off.
  3. Book in advance – It goes without saying, if you have a dream car in mind for your special day – start enquiring as early as possible. The sooner you can confirm your car hire with your driver, the better. Avoid the last-minute wedding rush!

By following these three simple wedding car hire tips for 2019, you’ll be sure to cover every aspect of your wedding car hire needs for your special day. Most importantly, ensuring that you can relax and soak in every moment of your day.

Do you have a specific type of car in mind, or are you looking for something that will compliment your style?  Head over to the Victorian Wedding Car Association directory and get in touch with our members.

Wedding Car Hire Tips for 2019
Wedding Car Hire Tips for 2019