Make your wedding day extra special with Personalised Wedding Car Hire that turns heads!

Choosing your wedding car is a big decision in the wedding planning process.  The type of wedding car you choose has a say on your personality and taste. However, the good news is that you have a wide range of options with personalised wedding car hire.

To avoid disappointments and stress in the days leading up to your wedding, it is best to engage with a reputable and trusted wedding car hire directory.


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Choosing Your Personalised Wedding Car

Stretch Limousine

The Limousine is an excellent choice if you look for a luxurious wedding car to arrive at the ceremony, or a comfortable trip between the ceremony and reception. The elegant aspect mixed with the lovely white exterior allows you to enter the event that screams elegance.

Hot Rods and Jaguar

It’s hard to beat a Jaguar, whether classic or contemporary, for a marriage ceremony. Jaguar combines the attributes of grace, space, and pace in a vehicle that oozes elegance in every detail.

Hot Rods are your trip to one of life’s most anticipated turning points, to the kind of life you and your soon-to-be spouse are looking forward to. Step out and make the day perfect for you and your partner before you head down the aisle.


Cadillac’s gleaming, timeless design is a real head-turner, especially its retro look. Its elegant lines, low ride, and superb rear tail fins give it a distinct vibe that will make you appreciate it even more.

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Chevys are always a popular choice in wedding cars. Make a statement when you arrive at your wedding, and add a touch of class, style, and elegance to your big day.

Are you looking for wedding car hire that provides excellent service and knows how to combine comfort and convenience with timeless charm on your special day?

The Wedding Car Association of Victoria is home to a diverse range of options to make your special event unforgettable. All our members provide experienced and well-presented, reliable, and friendly chauffeurs, and our vehicles are immaculate, clean, and insured. We can help you create fairy-tale magic on your wedding day by providing our excellent wedding car hire services.

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