Our comprehensive Classic Wedding Car Hire Melbourne directory boasts a lovingly curated selection of highly sought-after rides.

Complementing each car is a professional chauffeur and a plethora of add-on services to make your big day as elegant as can be. Here are just some of our popular classic wedding car hire options for Melbourne couples.

Classic Wedding Car Hire Melbourne - White Classic Jags

Vintage Jaguars

Jaguars are the epitome of style and sophistication. Their simple yet eye-catching visage turns heads while seamlessly blending with a diverse range of wedding styles from traditional to contemporary.

Classic Wedding Car Hire Melbourne - Caddyman Cadillac Hire

Classic Cadillacs

For those seeking a dose of 50s retro charm, nothing beats the all-American glamour of an authentic retro Cadillac! These beauties turn heads and are perfect for the couple who want their wedding to make an impact!

Classic Wedding Car Hire Melbourne - Paradise Chevys

Brilliant Chevys

Chevys flaunt the nostalgic character of a Cadillac with an additional hit of muscle and charm. If you want your ride to stand out and make a splash, this is the car to choose.

Classic Wedding Car Hire Melbourne - 29 Vintage Limousines

Dodge Limos

Muscly, brawny, and big – Dodge limousines are for the couple who want to share the ride between venues with friends and family. If you’re the rowdy type who loves a party, we definitely recommend opting for one of these stunners!

EH Holden Limos

Spruce up your wedding with a dash of Australian charm through a true-blue EH Holden limo. The EH was once one of Holden’s most esteemed models and this fantastic limo version will bring joy to all generations.

Sophisticated Rolls Royce

There’s nothing classier than royalty, and the archetypal ride of the royal family is, of course, the Rolls Royce. These timeless masterpieces will imbue your wedding with tradition, stateliness, and class. All while facilitating an encounter with some of the world’s finest vintage engineering!

Traditional, modern, casual, or extravagant – no matter what kind of wedding you’re aiming for, we’ve got the ideal classic wedding car in Melbourne for you!


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