Classic Wedding Cars Melbourne

Elegance, personality and luxury.  If you are looking to make an unforgettable entrance, you can’t go past Classic Wedding Cars Melbourne.

This year has been full of surprises and, like many other couples in Melbourne, you are probably ready to celebrate your wedding with all the bells and whistles, including classic wedding cars.

Not only do classic wedding cars Melbourne turn heads, they are also overflowing with wonderful features to transport you in true celebrity style.  Make a statement with a car that compliments your bridal theme and will have everyone smiling on your special day.

So, what makes these classic cars such a brilliant choice for your wedding?

Classic Wedding Cars Melbourne
Classic Wedding Cars Melbourne

They are unique

A classic car is not the type you see every day on the road, and neither is it something you even see at every wedding.  The beauty of classic cars is that each individual car can be as unique as the bride’s gown, from colour to additional features.

They are elegant

Sophistication is at the top of many a couple’s wedding style wish list.  Classic wedding cars Melbourne ensure a level of stylishness that sets them apart from their modern counterparts.

They embody luxury

The classic wedding cars available through the Victorian Wedding Car Association directory are superb inside and out.  You will find cars that have been impeccably restored and maintained, with leather interiors, air conditioning and all the modern amenities you would expect to find in a new car.  Some vehicles even feature equipped bars and sound systems.  The choice is yours – you’ll be sure to find your own version of luxury!

They include exceptional service

A stunning classic car is just the beginning when it comes to wedding transportation.  Professional chauffeurs, red carpet and conveniences such as umbrellas and refreshments all make for a wonderful experience.

Classic Wedding Cars Melbourne
Classic Wedding Cars Melbourne

Loads of variety

Classic cars can come in various forms, but the unifying feature is that they have a timeless quality from eras long past.  Cadillacs, Jaguars, Chevys and retro model Holdens are all examples of classic cars, as well as vintage styles such as Buicks and Studebakers.  The iconic Rolls Royce is another perfect example of a classic vehicle.


For more information about classic wedding cars in Melbourne, head over to the Victorian Wedding Car Association directory to find a wide range of vehicles and service providers.