You should know the answer to the question “are you Holden or are you Ford?”. Prove your loyalty by insisting on Holden wedding cars Melbourne.

This long standing, unique rivalry between two of Australia’s best-known car makers is only part of the reason Holden wedding cars Melbourne are the clear choice for an Australian wedding.
Holden Wedding Cars Melbourne

Arguably a car that has shaped Australian life over the past 70 years, Holden cars have established themselves as icons of the Great Southern Land. Models like the FJ from the 50’s, the EH, the Monaro, Torana and the Statesman all conjure up a sense of freedom and way of life uniquely Australian. From classic vintage makes to modern luxury, Holden wedding cars Melbourne can provide a ride perfect for your occasion.

It was the car that Australian racing legend Peter Brock drove to win 9 Bathurst victories. While there was established rivalry between Ford and Holden camps well before this event, Bathurst was where it became truly legendary. As a brand, they have proved their versatility as racing cars, family cars, work vehicles and…. stylish wedding transportation.  

Holden Wedding Car Hire

Not usually described as a car of beauty, the polished condition and immaculate interiors of these Holdens will change your mind. They are detailed and groomed and will still provide a sense of style and occasion suitable for anything from a relaxed beach to a black tie formal wedding. Not only will you get to your event on time and with ease, but you will ride in with character and flair.

These cars have featured in some classic Australian films, have been photographed, documented and immortalised. They sum up the carefree, fun and casual glamour of Australian culture. Write your own part in this story with Holden wedding cars Melbourne and ride like a legend to your wedding.

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Holden wedding cars Melbourne