More than just a set of wheels for your wedding, arrive in style with Cadillac wedding car hire Melbourne.

When it comes to looking for Cadillac wedding car hire Melbourne, we have the finest cars on offer, right here through The Wedding Car Association of Victoria’s website.

Sleek, sophisticated, luxurious and the statement of cool, Cadillac wedding car hire Melbourne provides you with the ultimate ride in a vehicle with an awesome story to tell. A combination of old school and classy, you can expect more than just a smooth ride when you step inside one of our vehicles. You’ll be taken on a journey to create memories of a lifetime.

Did you know the Cadillac is a car rich in history? Not only are they recognised as a well-known and iconic machine, the very first presidential limo was a bullet proof Cadillac. While we can’t offer you that kind of special and high-profile chauffeur driven ride, we can promise you that our cars are clean, reliable and straight up gorgeous.

Our cars are more than head-turners. They make the bride’s entry memorable and unforgettable. Cadillacs demand and hold attention, complementing the beauty of each bride as she arrives to her waiting groom.

Throughout history these cars have been all about comfort, style and pleasure and hiring a Cadillac as your wedding car is going to give you all that and so much more. There’s something about a vintage car that takes us all back in time, filling our senses with the nostalgia that represents a different era, one full of hope and promise, everything that a wedding day is full of. It’s not every day you’ll get to take a ride in a Cadillac, so why not choose this option for your wedding transport, the one day to go all out?

If you’re planning a wedding of vintage proportions, you need a car that fits the description and our Cadillac fleet is perfect for the job. Find out more by contacting out team today.