Limousine Sizes to Suit Any Party!

Whatever occasion you are planning, you’ll find all the Limousine Sizes you need with the Wedding Car Association of Victoria.

From large, glamorous stretch limousines to timeless vehicles ready to transport smaller groups, there is a greater variety of limousine sizes than most people realise.

The name of the luxurious limousine originated in the French region of Limousin. Early limousines were horse-drawn carriages, dating as far back as the 1700s. The carriage chauffeurs were seated outside, left to deal with the elements, and the heavy black cloaks they wore for protection were called limousines, which were a signature cloak commonly worn in the region.

Limousine Sizes
Limo Sizes

In 1902, the first motorised limo is said to have made an appearance, while the first stretch limousine was released in 1928 with the purpose of helping transport big bands and their instruments.

The limo, as we now know it, is an elegant transport option – a popular choice for weddings, parties, school formals and other special occasions. And while the word usually inspires visions of glistening stretch limousines decked out with opulent extras, a closer look reveals a range of limousine sizes and styles to suit any group or destination.

Limousine Sizes
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Catering to group sizes from four to ten, the range of options has never been bigger. Perhaps you’d like matching Chrysler limousines, ready to transport a few groups of varying sizes. Maybe vintage or classic style is a high priority for you, in which case a Jaguar, Daimler or Hot Rod limo should be on your short-list.

This is just the beginning. Once you begin to explore the offerings available from the Wedding Car Association of Victoria’s members, you’re sure to be inspired even more!

For more information about chauffeured limousine hire, or to browse the vehicles available, check out our online directory today.

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Limousine Sizes
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