Are you getting married and want to make an entrance? Do you want to feel like a star, the centre of attention? Then you should pick limousine wedding car hire.

Why pick a limousine for your wedding car? Luxury. Limousine wedding car hire comes with a chauffeur who will come to pick you up, along with your bridal party. The inside of a limousine is also well cleaned, with lots of room and better quality carpets, seats and windows. This means you can get to your wedding in style and comfort, the latter is especially important for brides in extravagant dresses.

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Why pick a limousine for your wedding car? Room. As mentioned earlier, a limousine wedding car can provide room for brides in full dresses and can accommodate your entire wedding party. This not only enables unforgettable memories to be created but can also save money as no other cars will have to be hired and you won’t have to worry about petrol or parking.

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Why pick a limousine for your wedding car? No travel worries. While many people hire limousines for wedding day travel, it’s worth considering hiring the same limousine service for your ride to the airport. You can start your honeymoon in style and avoid airport parking.

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Why pick a limousine for your wedding car? Unforgettable memories. Whether you’re hiring a limousine just for you and your partner, or if you’re hiring for the whole wedding party, going to your wedding in a limousine and sipping champagne along the way will create unforgettable and joyous memories.

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And it goes without saying that a limousine wedding car makes for some amazing wedding photos!

For more information about wedding car hire, contact the Victorian Wedding Car Association. We’ll help you find the ideal car for your big day.

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