Complete Your Dream Wedding with a Lincoln Wedding Car!

Lincoln offer a fantastic range of wedding cars available to hire for your special day. Each model has its own special characteristics and charm that will surely add a different shade of extravagance to your wedding.

Lincoln is a dynamic name in the auto industry. They have existed as the luxury car arm of Ford for most of their history – which begins in the 1920s. The reputation gained since then has made their name synonymous with class and quality. Thus, their state-of-the-art engineering and design make the oldest models a comfortable and joyous experience by even today’s standards. Truly their impact and influence over the auto industry throughout the decades makes them worthy of nothing less than historical significance.

Here are some of the best Lincoln cars to hire for your wedding!

The Lincoln Town Car

While it lacks the frills and ‘wow-factor’ of other cars, the Lincoln Town Car more than makes up for it with its incredible comfort. It’s reputation as one of the most spacious sedans available ensures that you and your partner won’t feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable during your rides between wedding venues. The Town Car was first released in 1959 as a sub-product of another car line before coming into its own in 1981. It stands today as a hallmark of reliability, safety and effective design. It’s lack of glitz and glamour make it perfect for any wedding of a simple yet classy nature.

Lincoln MKT Stretch Limo

Whether you just want the space and privacy, or to invite family and friends along for the ride, riding a limo is always an unforgettable experience! The Lincoln MKT Stretch Limo is the best choice of limo currently on the market, with soft leather seating, mini-bar, massive interior and the latest entertainment facilities all combined with the best of Lincoln engineering and design. 

1961 Lincoln Continental

The 1961 Lincoln Continental is one of the slickest retro cars around. Ideal for the couple who want a unique, cool and memorable car that stands out amongst the others. When it was first released, the 1961 Lincoln Continental presented a bold departure from the prior car styles popular in the late 50s, and thus become an inspiration to many later 60s models. Great for those who want to drop the jaws of all their guests!

2017 Lincoln MKZ

If you desire all the glamour and prestige of a Lincoln but are interested in a more modern look, the 2017 Lincoln MKZ is where it’s at! A stunning ‘Bond-esque’ car that blends perfectly into 21st-century cityscapes and avant-garde weddings. Its innovative technology provides for a smooth and gentle ride with a powerful kick in acceleration. The ultimate wedding car for the contemporary power couple!

Lincoln Wedding Cars