Turn up to your event in style – Choosing your perfect formal car hire in Melbourne

Look no further for Melbourne formal car hire with Victorian Weding Car Asspciation

Do you dream of turning up to an event (your wedding, your year 12 formal, even a work event) in a luxury vehicle?

A chauffeur opening the door for you, and you step out to the appreciative gaze of those around you?

Whatever the event may be, arriving in style is a luxury many of us dream of but with so many options in Melbourne, how do you know which one is perfect for you?

That’s where we come in. We are a chauffeured car hire directory service that will connect you with the ideal Melbourne formal car hire company to meet your needs. All our members are qualified, experienced, and insured and offer clean, gorgeous, and reliable vehicles. Here’s how can we help you choose.

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What’s the event?

Is it a wedding, formal, function, hen’s night, school reunion or something even more unique?

How many people will be in the car, is it just one person? Or two like the bride and her father? Is it a small group, or a large group, of rowdy teenagers or excited friends?


What is your dream?

You deserve to arrive at your day how you always imagined. Maybe your dream is a little quirky and colourful. Knowing what your ideal vision of arriving at your event is will help us direct you to the perfect Melbourne formal car hire.

What is your budget?

We’d all like to say, there is no limit, but realistically, most of us are going to have a budget that we need to work within. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up on the dream. When we know what your event is and what your dream is, and we know your budget, we can ensure that we’re connecting you with providers that are right for you.


Is there anything, Extra?

Does your event have a theme involved that perhaps you’d like to see reflected in the vehicle you arrive in? Did you envisage decorations inside? How about awaiting drinks for you and your party? These are the details that help us help you.

Melbourne Formal Car Hire
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Location, Location, Location

Where is the event and where will you be picked up from? If it’s a group, will they all be together or will there need to be several pickups? We aim to find you the perfect Melbourne formal car hire that’s located as close as possible to the pickup and/or drop off points to minimise time and fuel costs.

Remember, don’t wait until the last minute. When you know you have an event coming, reach out so that we can help find the perfect Melbourne formal car hire provider for you. Then, all you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.