Complimenting your wedding with Modern Wedding Cars will add cutting-edge, contemporary fashion to your big day and make you feel like a star!

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While classic cars are an ever-popular choice, modern wedding cars are gaining more and more attention as a way to exude sophistication while staying practical and stylish.

Let’s take a look at why you should consider modern wedding cars for your wedding.

Complimenting All Wedding Styles

Our range of modern wedding cars, which include both sedans and limousines, pair seamlessly with a wide range of wedding styles and designs. Whether it’s a chapel, hotel, park, or backyard, modern cars are both restrained in style while still projecting a muted grandeur and refined elegance. For those who want their wedding to be a more homely, relaxed affair, a modern wedding car is a far more suitable choice than the often conspicuous and showy classic or sports cars.

Never Out of Fashion

We have hand-picked a selection of modern wedding cars, including models like HSV, Chrysler, the Holden Caprice, that will retain their style. They never go out of fashion. When looking back on your wedding photos in years to come, your chosen car won’t ever seem dated or disappointing, keeping your great memories … well, great! They will naturally match with the increasingly modern and swanky surrounding city of Melbourne, crafting a glamorous backdrop sure to frame you and your partner perfectly!

All the Latest Trimmings

Our modern cars have been fixed with all the cutting-edge gadgets and furnishings. This includes air-conditioning, mini bars, charging points, screens, sound systems, and more, offering peak comfort and entertainment as you travel and unwind between destinations!

When choosing a wedding car, it’s important to remember four things: photos, comfort, appeal, and practicality. With fantastic designs, luxurious add-ons, and the kind of power and reliability that only the best can offer, selecting a modern wedding car for your wedding is undoubtedly the most reliable and comfortable way to ensure your big day runs smoothly.

Check out the range of modern wedding vehicles available on the Victorian Wedding Car Association website. Our directory of exceptional members is second-to-none, and their vehicles are in demand all over Victoria.

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