Most couples consider their wedding day to among the most important of their lives. It’s the first day they are united in the eyes of the world and a lot of time and effort are put into the planning, from cakes and bands to the wedding car. A limo is the traditional choice; however a growing trend is to hire a muscle wedding car.

Bexys muscle
GT King
limousine king

So why pick a muscle wedding car? Glad you asked!

A muscle wedding car will stand out and make an unforgettable impression on wedding guests. Nothing makes an impact like a bold, colourful and loud muscle car – all the things you’d want for your bridal party’s entrance. A muscle car allows people to express their unique style because these classic cars have a distinct look and their engines create a roar nobody can ignore.

Another reason for picking a muscle wedding car is the number of choices available. You’ll be spoiled for choice; there are a vast Range of muscle cars, from Camaros to Mustangs, GTs Cobras, Corvettes and Cadillacs. The high-performance engines are perfectly maintained by the hire company and will ensure that there are no mechanical failures to ruin the big day. They are also professionally cleaned and spacious. These sought-after cars mix style, raw power and class that will leave everyone in attendance impressed.

must have mustangs

When you go with a hire company, you can expect the vehicles to come with expert chauffeurs who will get everyone to their destination on time and with minimal fuss. Muscle cars can give you the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind memories, with vehicles from famous films and TV series, like the Fast and Furious films.

mustang chauffeured

Weddings are among the most memorable day of a couple’s lives, which is why a muscle wedding car is a great choice – these impressive vehicles will add to the memories, and ensure that everything car related goes off without a hitch. The number of benefits that come with using a muscle car are many, and couples will find themselves spoiled for choice if they decide to use a muscle car for their big day.

To get in contact with some of the best muscle car hire companies in Victoria, visit the Wedding Car Association website.