Muscle Wedding Cars for a High-Impact Entrance!

Are you looking for a unique entrance on your special day? Muscle Wedding Cars should top your list of transportation choices.

Going bold with powerful muscle wedding cars is a surefire way to excite your guests, the bridal party and onlookers alike.

What is it about these beautiful machines that make them possibly the best statement wedding vehicles around? Let’s explore the appeal of some the world’s most iconic muscle cars.

 Muscle Wedding Cars for a High-Impact Entrance!
 Muscle Wedding Cars for a High-Impact Entrance!

Ford Mustang

Whatever incarnation you choose, you can’t go wrong planning a Ford Mustang arrival.  Nicknamed the “Pony Car”, this household name set the trend for sporty coupés and convertibles in the 1960s and changed modern motoring forever.


A Chevrolet Camaro or Chevelle is another American great, exuding power and style.  Nothing else sounds quite like a Chevy – you’ll surely turn heads and have car enthusiasts hovering to catch more than a glimpse at your phenomenal ride.

Ford Falcon GT

Can’t get enough of classic Fords?  How about a Ford XY GT to get you there with flair?  The beauty of these muscle wedding cars is that they originated in Australia and have a very distinctive Aussie charm.

Muscle cars were the racing kings of yesteryear but have certainly not lost their touch for high-impact entrances.  These machines come with a simple and raw power that cannot be reproduced with recent advances in automotive technology.

Wedding Car Association of Victoria - GT King Wedding Cars

Add some nostalgia to your wedding day with impressive muscle car hire.  Your guests will hear you arriving before they see you!

The Wedding Car Association of Victoria is a name you can trust when it comes to your wedding transportation hire.  The members of this association pride themselves on exceptional service, impeccably maintained vehicles and providing wonderful wedding experiences for couples all over Victoria.

For more information about the range of outstanding muscle wedding cars available for hire, check out our online directory today.

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