Why not go for Luxury? – Old School Cadillac Wedding Car Hire Melbourne


Most weddings feature a grand entrance and exit. Enter In style with an Old School Cadillac Wedding Car

Why waste your arrival on a boring old vehicle?

Turning up in an old-school Cadillac is classy, quirky and bound to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Least of all, it’ll put the something ‘special’ into your day.

Not only are Vic Wedding Car Association’s old-school Cadillacs luxurious, clean and come with the best possible service.

They’ll also make your wedding day one to remember.

Have a read below to discover why you should go for an old-school Cadillac wedding car hire for your Melbourne wedding.

First Off, You Deserve It

Weddings don’t come around that often.

And, if you’re looking to splash out on a special occasion, this is it.

Choose something that you’ll remember forever, choose a Cadillac.

Your Day Should Be Fun

When it comes to weddings, there is a lot to do and organise.

Often it feels like there’s so much going on you barely have time to enjoy the party.

Give yourself something to look forward to that is just for you and your partner!

ace vintage wedding car hire
Old School Cadillac Wedding Car Hire

Photos Are Forever

Without a doubt, old-school Cadillacs look fantastic in photos.

Vic Wedding Car Association are lucky enough to have a range of options to choose from.

So you can pick the one that fits your vibe, no matter what your colour theme is.

If you’re looking to add something spectacular to your day, then your vehicle of choice is a great option.

Your wedding should be unique, and with an old-school Cadillac, you’ll be completely set.

Don’t waste your wedding, driving an old car. Go for something luxurious instead.

Want to know about old-school Cadillac wedding car hires in Melbourne?

Get in touch with our members today and they’ll get you ready and roaring for your wedding.