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When making the decision for your big day you may ask yourself,  Why Pick A Classic Wedding Car?

A classic wedding car is a style statement on your big day!

Weddings are arguably one of the most important days of a couple’s life; it’s the first day they will be united in the eyes of the world, and a lot of emphasis is placed on making it all perfect. Many couples spend hundreds of hours planning to get things perfect, and a classic wedding car is a great choice for your wedding day transport.

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One of the critical components is the wedding car hire, with the numerous styles available. Deciding on the right wedding car is a difficult decision. There are traditional options; however, a popular trend nowadays is to hire a classic car. So why pick a classic wedding car?

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A classic wedding car will stand out amongst the plethora of other weddings that people would have attended. Hiring a unique car that leaves a lasting impression will have guests talking about the wedding for months, if not years after the fact. Nothing makes an impression like an Aston Martin, the car favoured by James Bond. Or an old-school Ferrari, along with options like a Rolls Royce, Bentleys, Jaguars and Mustangs.

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A classic vehicle’s unique look is perfect for black and white photos, and couples can hire a selection of classic cars for the entire bridal party and family members.

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Receptions are often at a different venue to the ceremony, and a hired classic wedding car, complete with chauffeur, is a wonderful way to reduce stress levels on the day. Imagine not having to worry about traffic or parking – all you need to do it be ready to celebrate!

If you want to make a statement on your big day, it is worth considering a classic wedding car. To help you choose the perfect car for your wedding, get in touch with the Victorian Wedding Car Association via our website.

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