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Weddings are all about first impressions. The bride walking down the aisle, the initial kiss as legal life partners, the couple’s first dance as newlyweds. One of the most important, and arguably most memorable impressions is the arrival of the wedding party. Everyone deserves a stylish and comfortable wedding car, to deliver them safely to their gorgeous wedding destination. Here are our top 10 tips to help you when picking out a wedding car hire company.

1. Do they have a range of vehicles?

It is vital that the company you choose has a range of vehicles suitable for you to make a choice. Seek out a wedding car hire company that has many cars specific to your taste, so you have choices and can deliberate further with your partner.

2. Can they tell you about the comfort and size of vehicles?

Search for a company that can provide you with specifics about the inside of their cars in addition to their stunning exterior. Some wedding parties will be sizeable, and you could be traveling a fair distance, so inquiring and testing the interior is essential to a positive travel experience

10 tips
top 10 tips

3. How are the cars treated and maintained?

It is important to ask many questions about and inspect the vehicles available for hire. Ask about when each vehicle was last serviced and cleaned. You want to stay safe in transit to your special service.

4. How are you treated in correspondence?

When involved in email chains and phone calls with your wedding car hire company, take note of how they address you and what tone they use. It is important that you are treated with respect as a potential client.

5. How are the drivers treated by their company?

Notice how the employees of any potential company are treated. A good company has employees who enjoy their work and stay with the same organisation for extended periods of time.

6. Are the drivers experienced?

It is crucial that the drivers at any wedding car hire company have experience in that field, and are safe drivers equipped to handle noisier groups. Your wedding party will be excited and nervous on your wedding day, you need a driver who is focused on the road and not easily distracted.

7. Is the pricing reasonable?

If the prices are sky high, the company isn’t worth your time. If they seem too good to be true, the cars probably are. Be extremely critical when it comes to deciding how much a vehicle should cost to hire, and don’t be afraid to ask the company questions about your options and how you can get the best car possible according to your budget.

8. Can they be flexible?

Things go wrong on wedding days, despite the best planning imaginable. The make-up artist can run late, or your Aunt can have one too many champagnes beforehand. When picking out a wedding car hire company a good one will be flexible and understanding if the predetermined times aren’t strictly adhered to.


9. What do the company reviews sound like?

Go online and read some peer reviews of the company. If people have had exceptional experiences, they don’t often keep them to themselves.

10. How does this company compare with others?

This is the most important step. Consult a directory, find out which company will suit your specific tastes, and all these other tips will fall into place. Compare and contrast according to the advice you receive. Weigh up the pros and cons of each wedding car hire company, and decide which one is ideal for you and your partner.


Don’t risk sacrificing your wedding car dreams. Follow these tips and use a directory to help when picking out a wedding car hire company that will make you impress. There is a huge variety to suit every taste located right at your fingertips here