On your special day, one of the most important visual components will be your wedding car. It’s important you choose the Best Wedding Cars to suit your style and needs.

Picking the best wedding cars is a part of the planning process that you and your partner can share and have a little bit of fun with. You should consider all the visual and practical aspects before making your choice.

Deciding The Best Wedding Cars for Your Day

The visual part is obviously the look or feel that the car gives. Are you aiming for formal, classic, casual, or quirky? As for the practical side of things, your budget will factor in, and you will need to plan for a car that can fit the entire bridal party… and the dress. There is nothing more awkward than a bride having to squeeze herself in and out of a tiny car in her voluminous dress.

Best Wedding Cars

The factors you need to consider

Keep in mind that wedding cars are sometimes booked 12 months in advance. How many people do you need to transport to the wedding? The bride traditionally travels with whoever is giving her away. How far will you travel? How much do you want to spend? Will it fit your dress and all your bridesmaids’ dresses?

The actual style of the vehicle plays a role too. Once the practical criteria have been met, the car depends on your personal taste. It will need to embody your personality, and most importantly, match the tone and formality of your wedding.

Best Wedding Cars Melbourne

How to find the best company

Getting recommendations from friends and family is a good place to start. Look at reviews or go to wedding expos to find out which companies are highly regarded. Using a reputable and trustworthy industry association to book your wedding day transport is a great place to start. Members of the Victorian Wedding Car Association are known to be reliable, with exceptional service and amazing vehicles.

The best companies, big or small will offer beautiful clean cars, a full convenient chauffeured service, as well as licensed drivers who have plenty of experience under their belts. They will take care of the finer touches, like ribbons on the cars. Backup options are also important, as are written agreements so you won’t be stunned with hidden costs.


Wedding cars can set the tone for your wedding, as that is what you will arrive in. Be sure to book only the best for your big day. Head over to the Victorian Wedding Car Association directory to find your best wedding cars today.

Best Wedding Cars in Melbourne