red wedding car

A wedding can be both a stressful and happy time, every decision can be agonised over for weeks or sometimes months at a time. The car in particular can be a tough choice to make, especially with the wide variety of colours that are available. Some vehicles just look better in certain colours, red can be tricky, it doesn’t always work for cars. But there are certain ones that just need to be red or you might as well not even bother. So here are the top three choices for a red wedding car hire. Red is already an eye-catching colour, but when it is combined with the following three cars, guests will struggle to forget your big day for years to come.

red wedding car hire

Classic Cars

At number three for the top three choices for a red wedding car hire are the classic cars of the past. Nothing makes an impression like a a Rolls Royce, Mustang, Jaguar or Bentley. Any one of these are breath taking and do look impressive in red.

Vintage Cars

Vintage cars consist of names that everyone has no doubt heard of, regardless of whether you’re a car fanatic or not. Rolls Royce and old Hot Rods all look great in red and create an impression with their iconic sounds and look. These vintage beasts ooze style and instantly grab people’s attention. Most hire companies can also offer a whole fleet of vintage cars to make sure everything matches, and as an added bonus, most will give discounts if multiple vehicles are booked.

wedding car hire

Sports Cars

At number one for the top three choices for a red wedding car hire is the timeless little red sports car. The red sports car is iconic, glamourised through countless movies and music videos. A lot are highly prized as collectables and are great for making an entrance. The little red sports cars weren’t made to fly under the radar. The benefits of using a hire car company cannot be overlooked either, hire cars are regularly maintained and cleaned, unlike many vehicles that are privately owned.