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Speciality Vehicles

Rare and unique vehicles can really get the attention of others and help you stand out from the crowd – if this is what you’re looking for, then perhaps a Speciality Vehicle is for you! Sometimes, an exclusive and distinctive arrival to an event is all you need to get you night started with a bang.
Specialty Vehicles cover a broad range of cars, including (but not limited to) unique or rare brands, vintage automobiles, replicas or themed vehicles.

You’re an individual, and here’s a chance to express that individuality with your choice of one of our member’s specialty vehicles.

Our members can help with all types of events and functions and have a variety of vehicles that can cater for any event and any number of passengers.

From Kombis to Hummers. Checker cabs to Classic vans, every taste and style is at your fingertips. Simply choose what best reflects your taste and style or contact our friendly expert members to discuss what options would suit you .

For a quirky ride to your event, look no further than our wide range of Speciality Vehicles today.