When it comes to memberships, the Benefits of Being Part of the Wedding Car Association of Victoria are huge.

Rather than fly as a solo operator, why not join forces with an organisation that represents quality and exceptional service? When you consider the benefits of being part of the Wedding Car Association, it just makes good business sense to get on board!

So, what are these advantages, and how can they help your wedding transportation business grow and thrive?

Benefits of Being Part of the WCA

Next-level networking

With membership comes connection. Connect with likeminded business owners and learn from some of the best in the industry. You’ll be surprised how well industry networking can work for small businesses wanting to step up to the next level or discover new ideas. Be inspired with and by people who understand you and your business!

Benefits of Being Part of the Wedding Car Association


Being in the same industry isn’t always about competition. Everyone has something different to offer, and the truth is that customers are always looking for their personal style and service fit. One of the greatest benefits of being part of the Wedding Car Association is the magic of cross-promotion. Team up with other vendors and you can increase your reach exponentially across Victoria.

Benefits of Being Part of the Wedding Car Association

Reputation of a respected brand

Established in 1980, the Victorian Wedding Car Association has positioned itself as a leading force in the wedding car service industry. When couples connect to their choice of provider through the association, they know they are getting an amazing level of service. Aligning yourself with the respected Wedding Car Association brand means that you benefit from the years spent building a reputation for excellence.


Let our trusted logo help boost your business. If you are interested in finding out more about membership with the Wedding Car Association of Victoria, contact us via our website. Alternatively, connect with us via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Benefits of Wedding Car Association Membership