Put the vroom in the most special day of your life by taking things up a notch with muscle car wedding hire Melbourne.

While a tried-and-true traditional set of wheels can be found in the well-known and respected limo, more couples are turning towards a different trend with muscle car wedding hire Melbourne.

muscle car wedding hire Melbourne

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Lock in your muscle car wedding hire Melbourne by ticking all the boxes with the Victorian Wedding Car Association. We have the top choices to choose from in our chauffeured car hire directory. Go outside the box and do things your way on your day.

So why pick a muscle car for your wedding? Not only will it stand out and leave an unforgettable impression on your family and friends, but nothing makes an impact like a colourful and loud muscle car. Your guests will hear you coming long before they see you – the roar of a muscle car engine is a noise that nobody can ignore.

The sound of a V8 engine is like wedding music to indicate that the bride is on her way, what a unique wedding day arrival!  Or picture the groom and his groomsmen wide-eyed and full of excitement, revelling in what will be a big day, pumped from their muscle car arrival together. It’s the perfect ride whoever gets to enjoy it!

If you aren’t sure which muscle car will work best for you, you’re definitely spoilt for choice. These high performing machines show a mix of style, raw power and everlasting class to impress everyone whether they’re a car enthusiast or not. The muscle car is a top choice of car the world over and loved by many because the symbolise freedom, produce a look of aggression and demand respect on the roads because of their mean sounding engine.

With your wedding day high up on the list of the most memorable days of your life, a muscle car is the perfect choice to add to the classy memories and our experienced drivers will ensure you arrive on time and everything goes off without a hitch.

muscle car wedding hire Melbourne