Do you love the look of a classic car? Then you’ll love our list of the top 10 Classic Wedding Cars for 2019.

You’ve set the date, and now you need to arrange car hire.  With this list of the top 10 classic wedding cars for 2019, you’ll have all the inspiration you need for your traditional or classically-themed wedding.
top 10 classic wedding cars for 2019
1957 Red Chevrolet Convertible

Coming in as our pick for the best classic wedding car for 2019 is the 1957 Red Chevrolet Convertible. Slick, stylish, and perhaps a little daring, this car’s best feature is its stark contrast from a traditional wedding car. Bucking trends of dark colours, subtle builds and softer edges, this car screams for attention and is the perfect match for the couple that wants an unconventional wedding. Its spacious leather seating and convertible rooftop likewise make it the ideal classic wedding car to allow you to really sit back and enjoy the ride. The red colour will be seen from a mile away, truly making you and your partner the centre of attention.  

classic wedding car hire
1957 Pink Cadillac Convertible

 Cadillac…one of the most powerful car names around. Perfect for lovers of 50s fashion and style, the 1957 Pink Cadillac Convertible is more retro than classic. Boasting a massively spacious backseat so you and your partner can lay back and enjoy the mighty rumble of the engine and smoothness of the ride. The cute pink colour further adds a ‘50s diner waitress’ flair that will be sure to surprise and please!

Classic wedding car hire
Mercedes Benz 300D Sedan

 Another entry from Mercedes-Benz, the 300D Sedan’s most noticeable feature is its hard-top roof which, while lacking the freedom that a convertible can offer, instead brings a nice ‘finished’ look to the car, giving it a feeling of strength and completion. The 300D offers a lot of room, along with the eye-catching regal aura that is to be expected from the incredible and infinitely impressive and intricate car designs of Mercedes-Benz.

Top 10 Classic wedding cars
1939 Mercedes Benz 260D Convertible

Taking the meaning of classic to whole new level is the 1939 Mercedes Benz 260D Convertible. You’ll be stepping into an entirely new world as you enter this historic relic of pre-war Germany, made just before Mercedes Benz was forced to divert their operations elsewhere. Rather than having a simple classic car at your wedding, why not have a piece of history? The two-tone colouring is also a very unique and cool paint job not usually seen on this type of car.  

Classic wedding car hire
1937 Black Bu Cadi Cadillac

A classic within the world of classic wedding cars, these 1937 Cadillacs are the second oldest wedding cars on this list and a safe choice for those looking to turn heads and treat themselves to a guaranteed satisfactory wedding car experience.

Classic wedding car
1965 White Rolls Royce

 You can’t go wrong with a classic Rolls Royce. This absolute stunner of a car oozes class and celebrity status. The elongated bonnet and grille, which inclines downward to present a display of power and sophistication, will draw the attention of all, while the smoothly curved yet rigid body of the car echoes with pride. For anyone looking for a traditional classic wedding car that will harmonise with a conventional chapel along with the bride’s dress, the 1965 White Rolls Royce is a safe and ideal choice.

Classic cars
1925 Studebaker Limousine

This extraordinarily rare car takes the place as the oldest classic wedding car on this list while also being the only one of its type in the world. A gem of a car, its styling has all the flair of the Roaring 20s and a level of luxury and sophistication that would make even Gatsby blush. Getting a limousine version of such a classic car is a highly uncommon occurrence, meaning that by hiring this 1925 Studebaker Limousine you’ll not only be getting more legroom or space for friends and family, but adding an extra layer of flair to your already special day.

Classic Wedding car hire
1955 Jaguar MKVII Sedan

 Lastly, we have the British car manufacturers Jaguar making an appearance on this list with their MKVII Sedan. Fast and powerful, even able to reach speeds of over 160 kmph, this classic car packs a punch and would make an ideal wedding car for the couple who enjoy sophisticated classic car designs but want something with a little more edge.

Top Classic Wedding Car Hire
1958 Mercedes Benz 220S Convertible

For the couple who doesn’t want to buck wedding trends, but instead uphold and respect customs and traditions, the 1958 Mercedes Benz 220S Convertible will meet those desires perfectly. The smooth, regal aura that this car gives off is unmatched, giving it a distinct vintage car look coupled with James Bond levels of sophistication and class.

Classic wedding cars
1965 Dodge Phoenix

Grab yourself a slice of the 60s with the 1965 Dodge Phoenix. With the absolutely timeless four-door sedan look prevalent in the 60s, you’ll be leaving the regal and sombre first half of the century behind and jumping straight into the era of peace, love and rock n’ roll. It features the iconic stacked four-headlight frontal styling which made this car so rememberable all those decades ago.

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