You want your wedding day to be special, so a unique car is just the thing! Here are our Top 10 Specialty Wedding Cars for 2019.

It’s no secret that the wedding car hire is one of the most integral parts of the modern wedding. With so many options available, you’re simply spoilt for choice. Knowing that it’s easier to choose if you have a shortlist, we’ve created a list of the Top 10 Specialty Wedding Cars for 2019.

So, why not pick a specialty car that will create lifelong memories and have all of your guests talking? We’ll provide our top 10 recommendations here.

Top 10 Specialty Wedding Cars for 2019
1.   New York Checker Cab

The most famous taxi cab vehicle in the USA will let you enjoy your special day in style! Enjoy vintage features such as the limo-sized rear seat, checker stripes, and roof seat. For a wedding that oozes class, this is the specialty vehicle for you.

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2.   1970 Kombi

It’s hard to paint a better picture than travelling to your dream beach wedding in a 1970 Kombi van. Enjoy a beautifully restored vintage vehicle to go along with a high-level chauffeur and top-notch customer service today!

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3.   1971 Kombi

Following on from above, this is the ideal vehicle for a scenic beach wedding. Have all of your guests talking as you enter your special day on this 1971 classic.

Top 10 Specialty Cars
4.   Dodge ’65 Phoenix

Vintage cars don’t get much better than the Dodge ’65 Phoenix. This white retro classic is great for a splashy, yet classy old school entrance.

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5.   1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxy

This dashing red beauty is sure to have all of your guests talking. Especially for a retro style wedding, you’d be hard-pressed to find a groovier car than this.

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6.   1969 2 Door Dodge Charger Coupe

Perhaps the most stylish car on this list, this is a great compromise option if your partner wants something a bit more modern. The clean black exterior and limo-style features make it a fantastic Wedding day choice.

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7.   1959 4 Door Cadillac Sedan de Ville

Cadillacs are still incredibly popular to this day and for very good reason. This limo-esque vehicle is a great way for you and the entire bridal party to make a splashy entrance.

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8.   Hummer T2 Stretch Limousine

With the modern equivalent being very popular day, the Hummer Stretch Limo is another exciting way to enter your wedding party. Enjoy modern comforts like air conditioning and Italian leather seats as you take a nostalgic ride in this gorgeous behemoth.

Specialty Wedding Cars 2019
9.   H3 Hummer

If the Stretch limo was too much for you, the H3 might just be the perfect alternative. It has all of the modern entertainment to keep you occupied, including a surround sound entertainment system and illuminated floor. One thing’s for sure, this is the vehicle for you if you want to celebrate your special day in style.

Top 10 Specialty Wedding Cars of 2019
10.   VW Convertible

Last but not least, this list is capped off by the luxurious Volkswagen Convertible. If the Weather is good, you can take the top off and cruise down the highway with your new partner. You’ll be the envy of all your guests when they see you in this retro beauty.

Having a wedding theme that calls for something retro or unique, check out the specialty wedding cars on offer on the Victorian Wedding Car Association directory.