Top 10 Wedding Car Colours To Hire For 2023

Are you planning a wedding? Do you have nearly everything planned, but you need inspiration for wedding car colours? Get in touch with Vic Wedding Car Association today!

wedding car colours

Colours and Styles

Weddings are full of so many small details that it’s easy to lose track of them until you remember them at the last minute. Don’t let the wedding car colours spin you into a panic – we have a guide here that can help you decide.


  1. White. It’s one of the classic wedding car colours and it will always look elegant and classy.
  2.  Black. Another classic colour, this choice will make a stark contrast to the traditional white wedding colours.
  3.  Silver. This is a perfect wedding car colour if you want to stand out but still look classy and elegant.
  4.  Hot Pink. Add your own unique flair to your wedding with a gorgeous hot pink car. This will show off your personal style and make for amazing photo opportunities.
  5.  Red. A bold choice, this colour is guaranteed to make a statement. It will add a fantastic splash of colour in the background of your wedding photos.
  6.  Blue. If you don’t want to go for the traditional white, but still was a soothing and elegant wedding car colour, go with a pale or even midnight blue.
  7.  Cream. This is a lovely alternative to stark white that will soften the look of your wedding car.
  8.  Orange. If you’re having a spring or summer wedding, orange is a wonderful choice! It’s a lovely tropical colour that can be toned down in a pastel shade. Either way, it’s sure to stand out.
  9.  Pearl. Having a pearly sheen for your wedding car colour is a great twist on the classic white. This colour will look enchanting and whimsical.
  10.  Metallic. A metallic colour is a great way to make your wedding car stand out. Whether you prefer gold, copper, bronze, or silver, they’re all great choices for wedding car colours.

The Wedding Car Directory

As a reputable chauffeur hire directory, VWCA can point you in the right direction of all the wedding car colours you might be considering. We can connect you with cars in all of the above colours and more. To make the most of our chauffeur services, get in touch with VWCA today.

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