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Top 3 Choices for a Bright Coloured Wedding Car Hire

If you ask a couple what the most important day of their lives was, some will lie and say something other than their wedding day. Many people see their wedding day as the most important of their lives, mostly because a lot of time and effort is invested in the planning and execution. Cakes, clothes and cars are among the dozens of decisions couples will be faced with during the preparation for their big day.

Car choices can be especially tricky, there are many different styles and colours to choose from, and some just look better in specific colours than others. Deciding what car to have in all your wedding photos for the rest of your lives is a daunting task. But never fear because that decision is about to get a whole lot simpler because here are the top three choices for a bright coloured wedding car hire.

Hot Rods

These classics which date back to the 1930s are still one of the most popular cars for weddings. Their big loud engines are perfect for grabbing attention during the bride’s grand entrance, and they come in a variety of different colours. A bright hot rod will catch everyone’s attention, and the naturally spacious interior will ensure the bridal party is comfortable while they get to their destination.

Speciality Cars

The category of specialty cars is vast, and most that come under the banner of specialty cars are unique and rare brands, replicas and even vehicles from famous films and TV series. The big draw of speciality cars is because they are generally designed to suit a professional purpose and can be modified easily. A bright coloured wedding car will create one of a kind memories and wedding photos.

Vintage Cars

Vintage vehicles are among some of the most famous vehicles in creation. They include brands that are household names and will create an impression on wedding guests that won’t be quickly forgotten. Vintage cars can often come in colours and styles that will instantly create memories that you’ll treasure forever. Hire companies can also offer multiple vehicles for weddings to create a theme for wedding photos and even provide chauffers to drive them. They tend to book out fast though, so it’s essential to make a decision and get on to it immediately if you want a bright coloured wedding car for your wedding. See what our amazing members can do for you here.

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bright coloured wedding cars
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