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Top 3 Choices for a Pink Wedding Car Hire

Weddings can be a stressful and joyous time for couples; they often require weeks of planning before the big day and literally hundreds of decisions. If you’re currently in the process of planning a wedding then read on for the top 3 choices for a pink wedding car hire, it may help with one of the critical decisions for your big day, namely what car to choose as your wedding car.

Muscle Cars

A big bright pink muscle car will stand out and make an unforgettable impression on wedding guests. The bold, loud engine will ensure no one can avert their gaze and the eye-catching colour will automatically draw everyone’s attention. As a bonus, hire company muscle cars are perfectly maintained, and their engines are regularly serviced to ensure that everything will be working at its best on your big day. These sought-after cars mix style, raw power and the ability to grab anyone’s attention.

Hot Rods

Most hot rods combine big loud engines with a unique design, combine that with a bright pink, and you’ve got yourself an entrance that nobody will be expecting or forget. Most will also have a well maintained, very spacious, clean interior because hire companies keep all their vehicles clean inside and out, unlike a lot of privately owned vehicles.

pink wedding car hire

Classic Cars

The best choice for a pink wedding car hire are classic cars, because nothing beats a classic. Choosing a classic car as your wedding car will leave you spoilt for choice and ensure that your special day is both memorable and exciting. Classic vehicles bring a unique look that is perfect for black and white photos as well as vibrant colour. One of the benefits of going with a hire company is that they will often have more than one of the same car allowing multiple cars to be booked and in some instances the more cars hired, the cheaper the rate.

If you’re looking for a pink wedding car hire, then look no further than these three choices. Each has something unique to offer, and all will allow you to create one of a kind memories for your special day. To see what amazing vehicles our members can offer please click here.

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