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Top 3 Choices for a Gold Wedding Car Hire

Weddings are a very special time for most people; they provide the opportunity to celebrate the first union of a couple with family and friends. However, what all of your guests for the big day are mostly oblivious to, are the months of preparation you’ve gone through to get to this big day.

From wedding cakes and seating plans to the all-important car choice. With so many colours and styles available, it’s a tough choice to decide which car is the right one for you, especially when some cars are just better when they are in certain colours. Gold is a tough one. It projects elegance and sophistication but doesn’t always work with some car styles. That being said, there are three car types that undoubtedly look great in gold. So here are the top 3 choices for a gold wedding car hire:

Specialty Cars

First on the list of options for a gold wedding car hire, are specialty cars. These vehicles make the list because they are generally designed to serve a professional purpose and can be custom built, modified or otherwise transformed to suit a specific purpose. This allows for the car to be shaped to suit the excellent gold colour. Among specialty cars are also rare and unique vehicles from Films and TV series. Nearly every style and taste can be catered for with specialty cars due to their versatility and customisation options.


Almost nothing beats the classics, they are ideal for black and white as well as colour photos and include well known and beloved models. Classics are also perfect for creating an entrance and provoking envy. An added perk using a hire company for your wedding car is that they can offer multiple vehicles, which means you can hire a whole fleet of vehicles that tie in perfectly with your chosen colour theme.

Muscle Cars / Sports Cars

A gold muscle or sports car has the distinct ability to not only attract every set of eyes with its stunning gold frame but also ensure everyone in the vicinity will hear it coming. Muscle cars have bold, loud engines while sports cars just look amazingly cool. Either will make sure that you will leave an impression on wedding guests. There are many different muscle and sports cars that all look great in gold and hire company muscle and sports cars have their high-performance engines perfectly maintained and are cleaned inside and out. If you’re looking for gold wedding car hire choices, then look no further than a muscle car / sports car.

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