A wedding is among the most exciting and busy times of a couple’s lives, it requires a lot of planning and can often take months to ensure everything is sorted. One of the essential choices couples will have to agree on, is the wedding car hire, and with so many options available it can be frustrating trying to come to a unanimous decision. There are options like a muscle car, hot rod, limo and of course vintage wedding car.

A vintage car is considered any vehicle that is a remastered old car and can include names that everyone has no doubt heard of, such as Buicks, Rolls Royce and Dodges. Why pick a vintage wedding car though?

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Vintage cars have style and instantly grab people’s attention at a wedding – modern wedding vehicles may look shiny and new, but they are generic, with thousands in circulation. A vintage wedding car for your big day will instantly burn the memory in your guests’ minds and add some extra flair to the ceremony.

Another advantage in favour of a vintage wedding car is that some have big loud engines, bright colours and other attention-grabbing qualities. Professional wedding car engines are expertly maintained to ensure that there are no engine failures to strand guests or the bride. They are also cleaned regularly, to ensure that everybody has a pleasant experience and keeps their clothes nice and clean.

Vintage cars provide a unique look, which is perfect for black and white photos. Most hire companies can also offer a whole fleet of vintage cars to make sure everything matches. They also offer a professional chauffeur, who can get everyone where they need to be with a reliable and prompt chauffeur service.

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Weddings can be among the most memorable day of a couple’s lives, so why should you pick a vintage wedding car? Because they will provide unforgettable memories for the couple, cleanliness, reliability, while also ensuring the whole day is easy, enjoyable and etched in guests’ minds forever.

For a list of vintage car hire companies, visit the Wedding Car Association website – our database is extensive and includes some of the best wedding car hire companies in Victoria.