VW Wedding Cars

While usually synonymous with surf boards and road trips, VW Wedding Cars are also perfect for lending a fun, carefree vibe to your special day.

Whether you just love a Kombi, or are looking for a stylish way to transport a bridal party, VW Wedding cars are a beautifully practical way to travel and can add an unforgettable element to your wedding.

Although they really need no introduction, there are a few things you may not know about VW Wedding cars. With German engineering, the original Volkswagon was actually designed by the founder of the Porsche Car Company, and literally means ‘car of the people’. Of course, the Kombi was the ‘type 2’ Volkswagon and is one of the world’s most loved vehicles. The brand is now world-wide and includes a variety of modern and stylish automobiles.

VW Wedding Cars
Volkswagon Wedding Cars

Extensively photographed, restored and adored the original VW’s are charming and truly iconic. There is no better way to add a touch of personality and playfulness to your wedding than by arriving and leaving in a Volkswagon. As well as being full of charisma, they are also super practical whether you need space for two or room for your whole wedding party.

For a timeless portfolio of photos make the most of the stunning boho theme that works perfectly with the more vintage makes. White lace, rustic blooms and natural settings are all perfectly complimented by the unique character of a VW.

VW Wedding Car Hire

If your wedding is a more traditional or conservative affair, arranging to arrive in a Beetle or Kombi can be an unexpected addition, guaranteed to put a smile on your guest’s faces. Alternatively, you can choose a modern Volkswagon for a more contemporary, but just as stylish look. Immaculate interiors and polished detailing make these vehicles a pleasure to ride in.

So, whether you’re a romantic and love the nostalgia of VW Wedding Cars, or you are looking for a stylish, contemporary vehicle to get you to your wedding on time – there is a VW car, convertible or Kombi perfect for your day.

Check out the selection of VW cars for hire on the Victorian Wedding Car Association directory.

Volkswagon Wedding Car Hire