You’re engaged! Congratulations on this wonderful milestone! Now it’s time to start planning all the important stuff – like finding the best Wedding Car Hire Melbourne has to offer.

When you start looking for wedding car hire in Melbourne, it can seem a bit overwhelming. There are so many different service providers and wedding transport companies in our great city.

Not all these suppliers are equal, however. You’ll find a huge difference between them, including a big range when it comes to the level of service and the quality of vehicles. Picking your best wedding car hire Melbourne fit comes down to asking the right questions – of yourselves and then the service providers you’ve shortlisted.

Wedding Car Hire Melbourne

Know your theme and style

Even if you haven’t set a date yet, you probably been having lovely daydreams about your wedding already and have an idea of your preferred style or theme. Some possible contenders might be classic cars such as Jaguars or Cadillacs, or you might like to go even more vintage and traditional with a Rolls Royce, Hot Rod, or Dodge.

You might like something with a bit more grunt, such as a Mustang or Chevrolet, or you might be leaning towards a stretch limousine to match the Hollywood glamour theme you’ve chosen.

Wedding Car Hire in Melbourne

Know the car and your driver

It’s one thing to pick wedding car hire Melbourne that looks perfect for your special day, but it is only as good as the quality of the service and car. Check out the cars in person before you commit to anything, and make sure they are well-maintained and are as stunning in real life as they look in photographs.

A licensed and experienced chauffeur should be a standard inclusion with any wedding transport package, as well as the extras that you need on your wedding day. You’ll find that Victorian Wedding Car Association members include red carpet, ribbons, umbrellas, and refreshments – this means you don’t have to add any of these to your to-do list.


Membership with the Wedding Car Association of Victoria isn’t open to just anyone. We pride ourselves on ensuring that any service provider who bears our logo on their website provides brilliant, reliable service and has vehicles that are second-to-none.

Check out our online directory to discover a world of beautiful wedding cars.