Be transported to your “I Do’s” in elegant style with Wedding Limo Hire Melbourne.

Combing through the plethora of wedding limo hire services in Melbourne can be tricky, stressful business. To help smooth things out, we have a diverse directory of exceptional businesses that go above and beyond to provide exceptional quality and service. 

However, with such a vast selection, finding the right fit remains a time-consuming task. Before diving in, read on for a brief overview of the most popular kinds of wedding limo hire cars Melbourne to get your imagination kick-started!


Wedding Limo Hire Melbourne - High Marque Hire Cars

Rolls Royce

The epitome of class, hiring a Rolls Royce wedding limo to transport you throughout Melbourne will imbue your big day with a sense of timeless sophistication no rival vehicle can match. The symbol of royalty across the globe, Rolls Royce is the ultimate fit for classy, traditional weddings.


Vintage Daimler limos embody an old-time refinement rarely seen in the modern world. Again, this is the perfect accompaniment to a traditional wedding that will seamlessly merge with chapel, garden, and cityscape scenery.

Hot Rods

If you desire vintage style but really want to turn heads, a hot rod limo is the choice for you! These upscale, eye-catching cars pack a powerful punch in both aesthetics and engine power, giving your wedding guests a delightful, show-stopping surprise.

Wedding Limo Hire Melbourne - Blue Moon Rods


While still retaining much of the poise as the listings above, Dodge wedding limos have a subdued, clear-cut character. As a result, it won’t distract from the main event. For those desiring a strong-looking limo that can handle a large party, this is our recommended choice.


For weddings with a sleek, modern edge, you can’t go wrong with a Mercedes. Offering extensive trimmings and features bolstered by a smooth, comfortable ride, Mercedes limos are the ideal counterpart to fashionable city venues.

Wedding Limo Hire Melbourne - EH Limo Hire

EH Holden

These retro all-Australian beauties are a true one-of-a-kind! Sure to bring out nostalgic memories from older audience members, their sleek, straight-edge profile and retro design suits a wide range of weddings from contemporary to traditional.


Whatever style wedding limousine hire you’re after, you’ll find it on the Wedding Car Association of Victoria directory. Check it out today and find your perfect match.

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