White Wedding Car Hire Melbourne

On your wedding day, the car you arrive in is an important visual aspect.

There are numerous White Wedding Car Hires so you can pick the perfect car.


A Suitable Colour For All Weddings

White is not only popular but appropriate for a wedding, whether your ideas are traditional or modern.

Somehow, it just… works. You are guaranteed to find the perfect vehicle for your ceremony with White Wedding Cars.

White Wedding Car Hire Melbourne
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Show up in Style – White Wedding Car Hire Melbourne

The colour white symbolises purity, grace and compassion – and those are all the concepts a wedding should tie together.

White is stylish and stands out in a sea of darker cars. And perhaps the two most simple but important reasons you might want a white car for your wedding?

White reflects sunlight – you’ll appreciate that for a summer wedding. And white just goes with everything. Whatever you’ve got planned for your theme and colour palette, white will never clash.


Hundreds of cars at one glance

The Wedding Car Association is the first of its kind in this country and have over 40 years of service.

Operating Victoria-wide, this directory enables you to look at hundreds of wedding vehicles. Simply scroll through the website and when you see some cars that you like, click on the links to the individual company offering those cars.

You will be redirected to their website where you can contact them directly. Limo hire, hot rod hire, classic cars, modern sedans and luxury cars – whatever you want, you will find it. Want to see the cars in person before making a decision? No problem, that can be arranged.

Be assured of true professionalism

Every chauffeur associated with The Wedding Car Association is qualified, experienced and insured by Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria. All vehicles are also licensed by CPVV. You are guaranteed clean, reliable vehicles in great condition. Chauffeurs know their way around the wedding circuit – that Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Mornington and Dandenongs. Just enjoy the ride to your special day.

You deserve the best for your wedding. With any members under The Victorian Wedding Car Association, you know you’re getting trusted professionalism and vehicles of amazing quality. Check out our members today.

Wedding Car Hire Melbourne