It would seem obvious, but one of the most popular questions asked prior to a wedding is, “Who Goes in Wedding Cars”?

It’s really quite easy to determine who goes in wedding cars – if you’re talking traditionally. These days however, there are likely to be non-conventional practices in regard to who exactly goes in which car, and ultimately whether it really matters at all!

Who goes in wedding cars?

Well, the most traditional arrangement is straightforward. The bride travels with her father or the person who is giving her away. The bridesmaids, maid of honour, and flower girl travel with the bride’s mother. And the groom travels with his best man and groomsmen. Easy right?

Who Goes in Wedding Cars

But which order do the cars travel in?

The groom’s and his groomsmen’s car is first to leave from the groom’s house (or wherever they may be staying). This allows them to welcome and seat guests.

The second car is usually the mother’s and bridesmaids’ car. Old traditions would have the bride getting ready separately to the other ladies. Things have changed, and for the most part, all the ladies share the experience together.

Lastly, the bride and her father (or the person giving her away) will arrive at the wedding. The bride will ideally sit on the side that the driver plans for her to exit the car. The driver will let the father out first, then the bride.  In modern times and very occasionally, the father will arrive with the ladies or separately.

How about the photographer and guests?

The photographer would likely arrive at the venue at the same time as the groom and groomsmen, allowing for preparation and pre-wedding photos. Most couples prefer to have some special photos taken before the guests arrive. The rest will be taken later.

Who Goes in Wedding Cars

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