Planning a glamorous wedding reminiscent of bygone eras? Here’s why you should choose a Vintage Limo for your Melbourne Wedding!

Within the vast range of available wedding cars, a vintage limo is unmatched in style and practicality. They exude timeless sophistication seamlessly slotting into any wedding decor – be it contemporary or traditional. Read on to see just some of the reasons why you should choose a vintage limo for your Melbourne wedding!

The Epitome of Class and Style

Refined, chic, and fun – vintage limos take everything we love about classic cars and ramp it up to the next level! From the fiery Hot Rod to the elegant Rolls Royce, and more, the Wedding Car Association of Victoria has an assortment of members with vintage limos to choose from. We’re talking about a staggering collection of styles and eras – you can find the perfect aesthetic to match your personality type and occasion. 

Why Choose a Vintage Limo for Your Wedding - Carwood Wedding Car Hire - Rolls Royce Limo

Loads of Room 

While regular vintage or retro wedding cars are plenty of fun, they can sometimes get a bit cramped, especially if you have a few people to transport. Vintage limousines come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you desire extra legroom for you and your partner or want friends and family along for the ride, vintage limos through the Victorian Wedding Car Association can handle everything you throw at them.

Our Best Vintage Limos for Weddings Picks

Hot Rod Limos

If words like “full-throttle,” and “high-octane” are appealing to you, then nothing beats a roaring Hot Rod limo! These beauties pack a punch, putting a little spice into your big day.

Dodge Limos

Big, bulky, and full of space, Dodges are ideal for the power couple who wants to show the world the size of their love and energy. Being extremely roomy, you’ll be able to fit the whole family!

Roll Royce Limos

The natural counterpart to a traditional wedding, the name “Roll Royce” alone will be a guaranteed people-pleaser. The pinnacle of automobile engineering, you can always rely on it getting you around safely and with supreme elegance. 


Take a look through the Wedding Car Association of Victoria’s online catalogue to find a vintage limousine for your wedding!


Why Choose a Vintage Limo for Your Wedding - High Marque Hire Cars - Daimler
Why Choose a Vintage Limo for Your Wedding - Blue Moon Rods - Hot Rod Limo