Why Melbourne Loves Classic Car Hire

Classic Car Hire is all the rage in Melbourne – whether it be for weddings, birthdays, debs, or special events.

In fact, we’ve noticed more and more customers veering towards hiring classic car hire over their newer counterparts. The reasons for this trend are simple: classic cars are awesome!

They have a certain unmistakable style, flair, and elegance that souped-up, flashy modern cars can’t replicate. Plus, they represent the thoughts and tastes of a simpler time – when you didn’t need a computer to run an engine! While these classic cars are older than most of our customers, they never fail to fill one with a nourishing sense of nostalgia, all while turning heads and making special days all the more memorable.

Here are some Melbourne classic cars for hire that we’re sure you’ll love!

WCA - Classic Car Hire Melbourne - Mornington Chauff Limousine - 1965 Dodge Phoenix

1965 Dodge Phoenix

This beauty bursts with refined elegance and grace, making it the ideal fit for weddings, formals, or other classy events. It has ample room with enough space for 5 passengers, allowing everyone to stretch out and enjoy the ride. The sophisticated paint job and bulky chassis dominate the road, stealing the spotlight from even the most exclusive new cars.

1959 Cadillac Convertible

If you want to drop jaws, nothing beats a good-old Cadillac convertible! These beauties symbolise the pinnacle of quaint 1950s charm, and are a match made in heaven for lovers of retro aesthetics. Being a convertible, this is the car you’ll want on warm summer days!


WCA - Classic Car Hire Melbourne - Caddyman Cadillac Hire - 1959 Cadillac Convertible
WCA - Classic Car Hire Melbourne - E_R Classics - 1980s Mercedes Limo

1980s Mercedes Limo

Retro Mercedes limos are the optimal choice for both formal and casual affairs. With an understated elegance, they are the true one-size-fits-all, seamlessly pairing with a wide range of functions, personalities, and locations. Whether it’s a grand traditional wedding or rowdy anniversary party, you won’t go wrong with a 1980s Mercedes.

EH Holden Limo

Harking back to the nostalgic days of the early Australian automobile industry, this iconic Holden model has gotten the limousine treatment, allowing passengers to relish a slice of Aussie history in style. With loads of space fitting the whole family or all your mates, this humble vehicle gives even the best international classics a run for their money.


If you’re looking for brilliant classic car hire for your next big occasion, check out the Wedding Car Association of Victoria online directory. Our members are amongst the best in the business.

WCA - Classic Car Hire Melbourne - EH Limo Hire - EH Holden Limo