Are you looking for your ideal Luxury Wedding Car Service? Do you find it overwhelming wading through the options?


When it comes to wedding planning, decision fatigue is a very real thing. Let our luxury wedding car service directory make choosing your transport a little easier.


Whatever style of vehicle you are searching for, there are some basic checklist requirements that are consistent to all wedding wish lists. Reliability, safety, exceptional service and experienced chauffeurs are important in a luxury wedding car service, regardless of make or model.


Victorian Wedding Car Association - Luxury Car Service

Starting your search with the Victorian Wedding Car Association directory means that the hard work is already done for you.  All the businesses featured on our website have proven their commitment to professional service and have an impeccable track record when it comes to helping couples create perfect weddings.


Classic Cars

Will all the glamour of yesteryear, classic wedding cars are the top choice for many brides and grooms across Victoria.  Jaguars, Cadillacs and Chevrolets – to name but a few – all bring vintage flair to any occasion.


Hot Rods

The iconic American Hot Rod is a stand-out choice for a vintage wedding.  Available in a broad range of colours, you will shine on arrival.



The limousine is the go-to option for many Australian couples.  With room for everyone, a stretch limo can cater can accommodate excited groups and extraordinary bridal gowns.  Play your favourite tunes and enjoy a glass of bubbly while you head towards your destination.



For couples and small groups who prefer to keep things simple, the humble yet stunning sedan is always an option.  You can also book a matching sedan for family members on the day, so they can relax and enjoy the journey.


Muscle Cars

Add some power and presence to your day with a bold muscle car.  We have Mustangs, GTs and Camaros ready to make the ultimate impact.


Specialty Vehicles

One of the newest trends on the wedding car block is the inclusion of specialty vehicles such as Hummers, Kombis and Checker Cabs.  If it is a statement luxury wedding car service you’re after, look no further!


From classic and vintage offerings to modern luxury, the Victorian Wedding Car Association always delivers.


Check out our online directory and secure your wedding transport today.

Victorian Wedding Car Association - Find Your Ideal Luxury Wedding Car Service