blue wedding car

Top 3 Choices for a Blue Wedding Car Hire

Many people see their wedding day as the most important of their lives and a lot of time and effort is invested into the planning, from what cake to get, to the all-important wedding car. There are many different styles and colours to choose from, and some are better than others. The top 3 choices for a blue wedding car hire include the following:

Hot Rod

These classics which date back to the 1930s are still one of the most popular cars around. Their big loud engines are perfect for grabbing attention during the bride’s grand entrance, and the gorgeous blue colour is soothing. They come with a naturally spacious interior, combined with the reliability of hire cars, which are professionally maintained for peak performance, hiring a blue hot rod for your big day is a choice you won’t easily regret.

Speciality Cars

Specialty cars are designed to suit a professional purpose and can be modified, or custom built based on the wedding party’s needs. Most cars that come under the banner of specialty cars are unique and rare brands, replicas and even vehicles from famous films and TV series. Specialty cars are great for creating one of a kind memories and wedding photos which is why they are one of the top choices for a blue wedding car hire.

blue wedding cars

Sports Cars

Sports cars are iconic vehicles that have been used in films, songs and driven by the rich and famous for decades. Arguably made famous by the king of rock roll, these iconic vehicles look great in blue, and will add a piece of history to the wedding ceremony.


Adding any one of these top 3 choices for a blue wedding car hire to a ceremony is guaranteed to make it memorable. Wedding car hire companies can provide chauffers, or even a whole fleet of the same vehicle to ensure everything matches in the photos. They are also professionally maintained to ensure that there won’t be any breakdowns, and clean on the inside and out. They tend to book out fast though, so it’s essential to be informed. Give one of our friendly members a call now to discuss how to make your dream blue wedding car a reality.