Quirky Cars

Get ready to ride the waves of whimsy! We’re diving into the enchanting world of wedding wheels that defy the ordinary. Your journey to “I do” just got a whole lot more extraordinary!

Why go quirky?

In a world of classic white limos, why opt for quirky wedding cars?

Quirkiness adds a dash of personality, turning your wedding transportation into a statement piece.

These unconventional choices allow you to express your individuality and set your celebration apart.

Beyond the ordinary, quirky cars create memorable moments, setting the tone for a joyous journey into your happily ever after.

Quirky Cars - VWCA

Quirky cars

Once you’ve decided to go quirky, the options are endless but it’s worth considering practicality and logistics along with fun and aesthetics.

Kombi vans

Roll into nostalgia with these groovy vans! Perfect for your entire squad, Kombi Vans bring a laid-back vibe to your big day. Picture your bridal party dancing to retro tunes while cruising to your forever. Their leisurely pace may slow things down, but the memories will be worth the extra time!


Make a statement with a Hummer – it’s the ultimate showstopper. Spacious, luxurious, and primed to turn heads, you’ll hear the gasps as you roll up in this beast (just in case you were worried about losing the spotlight). Parking in tight spots might require some finesse but it’s not just a car; it’s a declaration!

Vic Wedding cars Kombi
Quirky Cars - VWCA


Rev up your wedding with the sleek and stylish charm of a hotrod. Flaunt your personality and make a bold entrance into your new chapter. Imagine cruising away in a car that’s as unique as your love story. Hoodless Hotrods are breathtaking but have a backup plan in case of rain.

Muscle cars

Experience the untamed power and enduring elegance of muscle cars – a perfect dose of nostalgia for your love story. Envision the wind tousling your hair as you race towards happily ever after. While the cozy seating may not host the entire bridal party, who needs a crowd when you’ve got all that horsepower beneath the hood?

London Taxi

Zoom into your wedding day in a classic London taxi! It’s not your usual wedding wheels, but it is quirky! Make an entrance that exudes “class!”. The London taxi ensures your wedding memories are as classy and traditional as your love story. It’s not just a cab; it’s your ticket to happily-ever-after vibes on wheels!

Quirky weddings need quirky cars

Imagine a whimsical entrance in a sleek hotrod perfectly matching your retro-themed celebration. Quirky cars aren’t just vehicles; they’re extensions of your wedding theme, adding a touch of magic to your day. Whether you’re dreaming of a fairytale affair, a vintage spectacle, or a bohemian rendezvous, choosing a quirky car enhances the overall experience. The right car complements your style, becoming a character in your wedding story that guests will remember long after the vows are exchanged.

What else can you find?

As you embark on the journey of a lifetime, explore our directory for the perfect quirky companion to your wedding day. Let your love story be told through the wheels that carry you into a joyous forever.